Spiti Holiday Adventure Our Story

Ever since its inception in 1989, Spiti Holiday Adventure, the most experienced local travel company in Spiti Valley, has been operating in what was traditionally a B2B (business to business) market. All this changed, when Spiti Holiday Adventure joined hands with Holidaychai and opened up the market to connect directly with travellers from all across the world and offered the most authentic local travel experience in the valley at the best local prices minus any middleman commissions.

Holidaychai, like the name suggests was born over a cup of chai on a holiday in the summer of 2014. Two years old now, it’s outgrowing its clothes, throwing tantrums and being a disruptive brat. Raising a child, in our opinion, is similar to working at a startup. Being a part of their growing process can be exciting and equally frustrating. Here, the responsibilities are high, lines between work positions are often grey, everyone seems to be doing everything. But most importantly, everyone works towards building something they love.

Spiti Holiday Adventure What We Do

At Spiti Holiday Adventure and Holidaychai, we are a small group of nomads with an unending thirst to explore and build a more authentic local travel experience.
A little more about us – Holidaychai, based in the Himalayan areas of Mcleodganj and Spiti Valley (yes, we have offices with awesome views), primarily promotes tours and treks at offbeat destinations in India. So just another glorified travel agent? Yes and no.
Holidaychai, unlike travel ventures, is not a middleman between travellers and travel suppliers.

Our objective is to operate at the ground level at these offbeat destinations we promote, explore and document our trails, build our own hotels, train our own local staff, run our own cars and so on. So when you travel with Holidaychai and Spiti Holiday Adventure, you visit stunning offbeat places, get a taste of the local travel experience and all this – at local prices.

Spiti Holiday Adventure Work Culture

We believe in product first, sales later. If you are working with us, you’ll probably be wearing multiple hats, juggling various responsibilities and have sketchy work timings. We understand that most people prefer to be given a fixed work timing and a responsibility, but then – we are not most people and if you’ve continued to read this far, you’re probably not like most people either.

Apart from the love for building an exciting product, the team is bound by the love to travel – so there would be a time when you would be typing away to glory behind your computer screen on one day, and the next day, you would be navigating the harsh roads of the Himalayas.

At Holidaychai and Spiti Holiday Adventure, it’s possible.
Click here to know more about the team.

Spiti Holiday Adventure Growth

We believe in smaller teams that are committed and dedicated to our cause. This means that if you do something magical, it gets noticed and appreciated.
One of our team members came from Mumbai for a two week project to videograph a certain folk dance in Spiti Valley. He loved the place and our work so much, that he decided to stay back and work on our logistics. Today, along with continuing to document the valley for us, he has taken over our operations at our office in Spiti.

So when you work with us, you work with no maps, borders or coordinates. You are free to explore your own line of work if you think it would add value to the organization and help us build our vision.
If you’re keen on doing innovative work, travelling, and solving problems and creating opportunities, we welcome you to join us on our journey.


Spiti Holiday Adventure Internship

There’s an internship. And then there’s a cool internship. And then there is the Great Himalayan Internship. Every year, two interns get a chance to work with us at our base in Spiti Valley / Mcleodganj for a period of 3 – 6 months. Since we are a horizontally work cultured organization, an intern is expected to work on a bit of everything – travel, write, click, pick phone calls, make phone calls, write boring emails, go on exciting treks, ride a bike, handle operations, scream, dance, sing, cook and needs to have a sense of humour. Would be a bonus if s/he is capable of waking up at 3 AM to discuss ideal fonts and Game of Thrones.

Positions open for 2017. Stipend, travel, lunch, chai and a truckload of fun and frustration included.
Apply for this position by telling us why you want to join us, attach your CV and mail it to [email protected] .
Make sure the subject reads “Internship 2017”.

Spiti Holiday Adventure Ground Coordinator

To ensure that our travellers are given the best possible care while on their tour, we need ground coordinators to work as our representative and travel with our groups, mostly in Spiti Valley.

The responsibility of the On-Ground Coordinator will revolve around leading, guiding and assisting travellers on tours and treks in Spiti Valley, managing our hotels and cafes, and executing our community projects. Along with that, s/he is expected to document the landscape and the people travelling with us (photos, videos, travel stories, etc.) and work in sync with the marketing team and execute our campaigns at the ground level.

Location: Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Apply for this position by telling us why you want to join us, attach your CV and mail it to [email protected] .
Make sure the subject reads “Ground Coordinator”.

Spiti Holiday Adventure Destination Expert

Destination Experts are the first point of contacts for our travellers. This is an extremely important position at Spiti Holiday Adventure. Work involves travelling and learning about our destinations, answering travellers’ pre-tour queries over phone and email, promoting and marketing the tours and treks, and coordinating with the secondary point of contacts on the ground before, during and after the tour.

S/he will be expected to travel to the designated location and spend time, learning about the place, and then be the first point of contact for all queries related to this place from our base in Mcleodganj.

Location: Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh, India

Apply for this position by telling us why you want to join us, attach your CV and mail it to [email protected] .
Make sure the subject reads “Destination Expert”.

Spiti Holiday Adventure Content Head

We are a product first organization. The role of a Content Head would be to travel to destinations that may or may not be on Holidaychai’s roster (in short, explore), develop / curate tour and trek experiences. S/he is expected to promote and market these tours and experiences through our websites, social media channels, blogs / vlogs.

S/he is expected to be very good with developing engaging content, organized with big data, proficient with Google Adwords / Facebook ads and it would be awesome if you understand WordPress and have an eye for aesthetic design.

Location: Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh, India

Apply for this position by telling us why you want to join us, attach your CV and mail it to [email protected] .
Make sure the subject reads “Content Head”.

Spiti Holiday Adventure Videographer

Are you in the business of creating cutting edge video content which travellers would watch, then stop everything and scream “OMG I NEED TO GO HERE”? If yes, then we are interested in working with you.

We’re looking for talented videographers who don’t mind rough travel and weather and would kill for a great shot. Well not exactly, but you get the sentiment.

Location: Spiti Valley and Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh, India

Apply for this position by telling us why you want to join us, attach your CV and mail it to [email protected] .
Make sure the subject reads “Videographer”.

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