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Spiti Holiday Adventure

27 years in Spiti Valley

That’s right – Twenty-seven years is how long we’ve been exclusively dedicated to arranging tours, treks and holidays in Spiti Valley.

With our insider-knowledge of the valley and its people, state-of-the-art trek equipment, highly knowledgeable guides and adept local drivers, we believe that we understand the intricate dynamics of this stunning terrain better than anyone else.

That’s probably why we are the only local Spiti travel company to be certified by Lonely Planet. Okay, enough of self-praise.
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Local experiences and prices

When you travel with us, you sign up for an authentic Spiti Valley experience.

With Spiti Holiday Adventure, you don’t just see Spiti, you live Spiti. We’re much more than the typical Spiti valley tour and the Spiti valley trek.

With us, your holiday could involve staying with monks, tasting the local brew, cooking a meal with a local family and learning the local dialect.

All of this – at best local prices minus any middleman or commissions. How’s that for awesome?
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We have a mission

Spiti Valley is our home. And we’re committed to preserving its pristine and sensitive environment, our ancient traditions and our deep-rooted culture.

Spiti Holiday Adventure is closely associated with eco-sensitive projects that shares our vision of making Spiti Valley a sustainably developed and happier place. We wake up everyday to work hard for this mission.

So when you travel with us, you become an active participant in this cause and contribute smiles to the land and people of Spiti Valley.
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Explore moreSpiti Valley Holidays in 2016

Click here to book this Spiti Valley Tour for INR 12,470 per person

Spiti Valley Innova Jeep Tour – 2016

At INR 12,470 per person, this 7 day Spiti Valley tour in a Toytota Innova is designed for travellers who wish to experience the best of Spiti Valley in a week's time. Visit one of the world’s highest villages, camp near the stunning Chandratal Lake and stay with locals at homestays.
Click here to book this Spiti Valley Tour for INR 18,450 per person

Spiti Valley and Kinnaur Innova Jeep Tour – 2016

On this 10 day Spiti Valley tour, explore both roads to Spiti Valley – the Hindustan-Tibet Highway and the Kaza-Manali highway and on the way, absorb the colours of Kinnaur, Sangla, Lahaul and Spiti Valley; Stay in some of the highest villages of the world and camp in Sangla and Chandratal Lake.
Spiti Valley Photo Exploration Tour

Spiti Valley Photo Exploration

8 Days
Embark on a Spiti Valley Tour like never before - For 8 Days, explore the wilderness without being bound by a fixed itinerary with leading Instagrammers - Abhinav Chandel and Nitish Waila.
Click here to book this Spiti Valley Trek for INR 7,936 per person

Spiti Valley Homestay Trek – 2016

5 Days - Fixed Dates / Customizable
For INR 7,936 per person, this all inclusive five day Spiti Valley Homestay Trek takes you to some of the world’s highest and beautiful Himalayan villages. Stay with locals at warm homestays and walk into the most incredible Spiti Valley experience.
Click here to book this Kanamo Peak Trek for INR 3,880 per person

Kanamo Peak Trek – 2016

3 Days - Fixed Dates / Customizable
In three days, conquer the third highest peak of Spiti Valley - Mt. Kanamo - also considered by the locals as an auspicious peak that offers unique vistas of snow and forested beauty at its summit.
Click here to book this Spiti Valley Tour for INR 19,800 per person

Hindustan – Tibet Highway Tour – 2016

10 Days - Fixed Dates / Customizable
Lonely Planet calls the Hindustan - Tibet Highway "One of the world's most treacherous roads". In May and June, be one of the first few travellers of the year to take the road to Spiti as you explore the stunning beauty of Kinnaur and Spiti Valley.
Click here to book the Parang La Trek for INR 19,875 per person

Parang La Trek – 2016

9 Days - Fixed Dates / Customizable
Trek up to 18,300 feet; Explore the ancient trade route between Spiti Valley and Ladakh; camp in remote Himalayan wilderness under the gaze of a million stars. In this nine day Parang La trek, conquer it all.
Click here to book the Pin Parvati trek for INR 22,550 per person

Pin Parvati Trek – 2016

8 Days - Fixed Dates / Customizable
This one is for the more adventurous. At 17,500 feet, with the company of two glistening rivers, rare wild animals and the frozen rugged landscape, take on the eight day Pin Parvati Trek – an expedition which promises to challenge and enthral.
Click here to book this Spiti Valley Trek for INR 12,840 per person

Bhabha Pass Trek – 2016

5 Days - Fixed Dates / Customizable
At 15,960 feet, the ancient five day Bhabha Pass trek comprises the best of both worlds, where at one end lies lush green pastures partially covered in snow and the other end has arid high altitude brown deserts of Spiti region forming a stark landscape.

Spiti Valley Tour | Comfortable

This ten day Spiti Valley tour is designed for people seeking comfortable accommodation while they explore the various senses of Spiti’s beautiful landscape and get an intimate experience of life and culture in this remote and stunning valley.

Spiti Valley Tour | Jeep Safari

In a week’s time, experience an authentic form of the magic we call Spiti Valley. Visit the world’s highest villages, stay with locals at homestays and visit the stunning Chandratal Lake.

Spiti Valley Tour | Epic

On this epic nineteen day Spiti Valley tour, tread the aloof passes, stay with locals at village homestays, confront a canyon, ride a yak, debate the blueness of the lakes and exalt at 1000 year old monasteries. Embark on the ultimate Spiti road trip.
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